Flipping through the available channels on my Roku, there’s a new channel called “Black Heritage Network“.

The ‘About Us‘ page shows the names (with pictures) of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. All are black, naturally, except for the following: Charles Grinker, Steven Lerman, Richard Reingold (who is the channel’s Co-Founder), and Reuben Mark. What’s that remind you of?

The ‘About Us‘ page reads:

BHN.TV was founded to bring you quality, relevant programming that reflects the Black American experience. The founders believe that it is time to step up and create one TV channel whose single mission is to be the first and only full-time television destination for the real stories of Black life in America. We believe that Black heritage is American heritage. BHN is a channel for all Americans and the world.

But a WHN.TV channel would never be tolerated.

Celebrate Diversity!*

*Except if you’re white.
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