Dean Redux

On Bill Maher’s show, self-loathing white Howard Dean lets out two howlers. First we have this one:

Bill Maher tonight confronted Howard Dean for saying earlier this month that the Paris terrorists are “about as Muslim as I am,” challenging him on the ideology of the terrorists and what many Muslims actually believe.

Then we have this one:

…Mr. Dean on Bill Maher’s Real Time (HBO): “There’s a lot of anger in this country, and the people who go see this movie are people who are very angry. This guy (the late Chris Kyle) basically says, ‘I’m going to fight on your side. I bet you if you looked at the cross-section of the tea party and people who see this movie there’s a lot of intersection.”

Of course, the host merely shakes his head in agreement with the former Vermont governor and one-time frontrunner for the 2004 Democratic nomination. No surprise there, as the narrative fit Maher’s perspective on the film (who referred to Kyle, a Navy Seal, as a “psychopath patriot”). But is Dean correct in his assessment of the kind of audience going to see the film?

Not according to Deadline Hollywood, who reports that 43 percent of Sniper’s audience over its first four days (the most updated data available) were women. Additionally, 37 percent of those attending were under 25. Whoops.

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