Derb on the Knockout Game

The indispensable Derb always manages to communicate hard fought truths in terms of its head-smacking obviousness. On the Knockout Games:

[I]n Western multiracial societies, whites are the wimps. Every other race asserts itself, lobbies, agitates, makes demands, and is given quotas, preferences, and privileges. Only whites cringe, defer, and grovel. It is natural to feel contempt for people who are so ashamed of their ancestors and of their own existence.

And… blacks in the generality hate nonblacks. Why would they not? Everything in the dominant culture encourages them to…

And then again there is the encouragement young blacks get from older black authority figures… Why would a semiliterate black teenager not assume [Michael Eric] Dyson is speaking some kind of sense from a base of deep academic knowledge, rather than—as is actually the case—minstrel-show gibberish?

Why wouldn’t dimwitted young blacks hate us? What’s newsworthy here?

So I can never feel that much explanation is required as to why young blacks beat up on whites. But what needs explaining is why whites put up with it, even excuse it.

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