Drowning in Altruism

Andrew Joyce has an excellent piece over at Occidental Observer, where — through the lens of the current migration crisis in the Mediterranean — he explores the white self-hatred and pathological altruism fueling the West’s demographic suicide.

Of the standard elitist calls for easier migration to Europe, on alleged moral grounds, Joyce writes:

Pathological Whites are clamoring for it to be made extremely easy and safe for those trying to enter Europe illegally and they are basing this on an incredibly dysfunctional set of precepts:

  • That Africans have an innate and unchallengeable ‘right’ to enter Europe.
  • That Europeans have an ‘obligation’ to ensure illegal Africans can enter Europe safely.
  • That African deaths in transit are a result of European indifference rooted in racism, and that this somehow ties in with European ‘responsibility’ for Jewish deaths during World War II.
  • That the illegal African invading force is saintly, and consists largely of women and children.

Joyce puts an illuminating and fine point on the concept of ‘moral panic’ that underlies kneejerk, Political Correctness on such matters:

The concept of a ‘moral panic’ may be useful for our understanding of the interaction between a manipulative media, cultural Marxism, and White sensitivity to moral issues. Moral panics are traditionally conceived as intense feelings expressed in a population about an issue which appears to threaten the social order. Common examples provided in this context are the panic over video games in the early 1990s, and panics in several countries over ritual satanic abuse. In these cases, the media is said to be volatile and play a large role in stoking a level of public concern about the issue which is disproportionate to the true level of the threat. There is normally also a sense of hostility towards an identified ‘folk devil.’ The concept has been readily accepted and pushed by Jews and the Left because Leftist academics commonly associate moral panics with allegedly irrational Right-wing or traditional beliefs. Some have even attempted to construct ‘anti-Semitism’ as little more than a moral panic.

Of the reality that growing migration of Africa’s finest brings into fruition:

What do these illegal male African immigrants do once they have safely arrived on European soil? Well, according to statistics, in Denmark they have a crime rate 73% higher than the Danish male population average. In Finland they will form 2.2% of the population but commit 21% of rapes. In Germany they will commit crimes five times more often than natives. In Greece they will be responsible for half of all criminal activity. In the Netherlands their youth will be responsible for 63% of juvenile crime. In Norway, they committed all assault rapes in 2007, 2008 and 2009. They comprise 69.7% of the Swiss prison population, and have a crime rate 600% higher than the Swiss average. In Sweden they will commit 25% of all crime, and are five times more likely to commit a sex crime than natives. In England they will commit a third of all sex crimes. In Italy they will be responsible for 40% of rapes.

Nevertheless, pathological Whites want it to be made easier for these men to get to Europe. Once here, the pathology continues as the invaders are greeted by Whites who are indoctrinated to see them as no different from anyone else.

Finally, Joyce makes another finely nuanced observation about the nature of white self-hatred in play here:

This self-hatred can be relatively dormant, to the extent that it is often sub-conscious, but will spike when the media or other cultural influences discover a suitable issue and build a false narrative around it. When the false narrative goes mainstream, replete with emotive moral triggers, White self-hate translates into activism which then takes on a life and momentum of its own. The moral crusade quickly becomes fashionable, spreading on trend-facilitators like social media, gaining more and more blind followers.

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