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The Prisoner (1967)

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Stay Classy, CBS

Late night TV hosts used to be folks like Johnny Carson (which Fallon is closest to, despite pressure on him to bash Trump more), but last night we had Stephen Colbert saying of Trump: “The only thing your mouth is … Continue reading

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You Can’t Cuck the Tuck!

I’m really enjoying Tucker Carlson’s new show on that dinosaur, FNC. The best parts of the show are when he has a liberal guest on, and proceeds to calmly deploy Socratic debating techniques to pin them down, to force them … Continue reading

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The Challengers – Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1965)

Great instrumental, surf-rock, theme song to the ’60s TV show.  

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Frank’s Last Walk

With news that Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO deal might someday entail a Season 03 of True Detective, I began ruminating on the show. S01 was nigh short of a masterpiece, the season’s ending being the largest of its very few weak … Continue reading

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Seth Meyers on Jared Taylor

The White Identitarianism component of Mein Trumpf’s support has made it to… late night comedy. Never in a million years did I ever expect a late night comedian to mention Jared Taylor’s name. We have arrived! Here’s Tribe member Seth … Continue reading

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Culture Wars – Pt. 7,138,236

A former actor from Glee — a show which glamorized homosexuality and which partook in the sexualization of underaged children — has been arrested for possessing child porn. Imagine that.

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Kickin’ Kab

When I think of wine, I immediately think of professional culinary douchebag Guy Fierri, who is rolling out a brand of wine.

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Gutierrez vs. Trump = Browns vs. Whites

Smirkin’ Luis “Our People” Gutierrez (D-IL) joins the Leftwing frothing and urges NBC to not let Trump host SNL: On the floor of the House of Representatives tomorrow morning, Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez plans to give a speech in which … Continue reading

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