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CA Dems Sweating 2020 Census

The next Census is slated for 2020 and CA Democrats are sweating the possibility of losing a House seat should illegal immigrants hide “in the shadows” and (gasp) not be counted towards the state’s population. Let that sink in. LOS … Continue reading

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NYT: Six Stories of ‘Motherhood’

“Conception: Six Stories of Motherhood” looks to be a vibrantly diverse animated docu-series, with the 2-min trailer featuring the voices of a black and two lesbians. I can’t wait to hear the ‘motherhood’ story of the cartoon figure at the … Continue reading

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I Can Think of a Few Things

From the NYT: Nobody is sure what to do about it.

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CIA Membership & Ethnicity

A treasonous U.S. spy is being charged with providing intel to China. And, shock of all shocks: the spy is Chinese-American: WASHINGTON — A former C.I.A. officer suspected by investigators of helping China dismantle United States spying operations and identify … Continue reading

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NPR: Black Lightning

This 4-minute NPR story (audio & transcript provided) on the upcoming CW superhero show Black Lightning is hilarious. “Superhero ‘Black Lightning’ Brings Social Conscience And Swagger To Primetime” (Hat tip: Mike). Hey gang, it’s “the first woke network TV superhero … Continue reading

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“This is Britain. Not Africa.”

From FNC: The model girlfriend of a United Kingdom Independent Party leader was suspended from the political party after she reportedly made “racist” remarks about Meghan Markle, saying the duchess-to-be has a “tiny brain” and will “taint” the Royal family … Continue reading

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

This over-the-top, semi-parody of James Bond tropes is a bad movie: it contains an overuse of cheap CGI effects, is so formulaic it makes one wince, is insufferably P.C., and delivers a glaring and consistent anti-white message. The young, white … Continue reading

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Jews & Their Jokes

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Joseph Epstein reviews Jeremy Dauber’s book Jewish Comedy (“Jews and Their Jokes”). From Epstein’s piece: I used to fancy a definition of the Jews as “just like everyone else, only more so.” But more needs … Continue reading

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Audacious Koan

“Nothing causes more outrage than a statement that is both obviously true and fervently wished by everyone to be untrue.” [Audacious Epigone]

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Dr. William Pierce – The Lesson of Haiti

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