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AI-Based “Hate Speech” Scrubbing

Lion of the Blogosphere on what the future portends, when in the hands of a SJW Silicon Valley: One of the reasons why the internet has become such a bastion of free speech is that there is such a massively … Continue reading

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Scapegoat of the Dems

From “Is ‘White Resentment’ a Scapegoat for Democrats’ Decline?” by the liberal Musa al-Gharbi, a Fellow in Sociology at Columbia University: Here’s one thing I do understand: if the left wants to spend the next four years denigrating whites as irredeemable racists because they … Continue reading

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On the Sudanese Migrant

Of the Nashville church shooting that took place over the weekend, Audacious Epigone points out some interesting angles on the shooter, Sudanese migrant Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Nashville church shooting by a man named Emanuel Samson is obliterating The Narrative from every … Continue reading

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Michelle Goldberg: New NYT Columnist

As Sailer notes today: “New York Times Hires Extremely Diverse New Columnist”. Her name is… drumroll… Michelle Goldberg. And, amazingly, she’s a Lefty. As a welcoming, the NYT posts a brief interview between her and Gail Collins: Gail: Well, you’ve picked … Continue reading

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Brooks & Dreher on Sam Francis

David Brooks’ column “The Coming War on Business” is a reflection on how the great Sam Francis was ahead of his time: The only time I saw Sam Francis face-to-face — in the Washington Times cafeteria sometime in the late … Continue reading

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JYT: 9/24/17

Yet another NYT piece on the endless Remembrance Industry.

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“Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around.” — G.K. Chesterson, Orthodoxy (1908)

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NYT: The Wheal Keeps Turning

Back in 1979, Christopher Lasch wrote a penetrating and still prescient book on American culture called The Culture of Narcissism. It is still a must-read for anyone wanting to understand where we are now. Flash forward to the NYT’s click-baity … Continue reading

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Psychologists on Virtue Signaling

From “Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists”: When people publicly rage about perceived injustices that don’t affect them personally, we tend to assume this expression is rooted in altruism—a “disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.” But new … Continue reading

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Time: Divided Dems Debate Future of Party

Time has a story on “Divided Democratic Party Debates Its Future as 2020 Looms”: Ignoring that struggle has caused headaches in the heartland. Today only 28% of House Democrats hail from states that don’t touch the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, … Continue reading

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